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just a jaded fool [userpic]

I left my mouth in gear...

October 9th, 2007 (09:53 am)

The police and some other agencies have a big initiative on in this area at the moment concerning various issues and problems. There were several police officers, neighbourhood wardens and members of staff outside school this morning handing out information of some type.
On my way out of school I was accosted by the headteacher.
"Good morning! Can I give you one of these?" she asked in an extremely cheery manner. This was a bit unexpected since we were standing out in a monsoon. Although, she DID have an umbrella. I didn't. I had water running in rivulets down my forehead and dripping from my nose. I didn't feel cheerful and I wanted to get home, fast.
I looked down. She was waving a leaflet at me, about the law on kids' car seats. I noticed she had a fistful of others which she was probably planning to palm off on me. I looked up again and smiled in what I hoped was a reassuring way.
"No, it's ok, we've got all the right car seats thank you." (We do.)
She narrowed one eye slightly, as if to say, "Are you quite sure?!" Then she said,
"Are you quite sure?!"
She smiled expectantly. My reassuring smile started to feel like more of a lunatic grin. Talking to her seems to instantly regress me to slightly left of gauche.
"Oh yes!"
And then, when I should've stopped talking, I made a fatal mistake and filled in a brief silence with a vaguely maniacal sounding, "We don't drive to school anyway!"
She raised one eyebrow then changed her mind and just outright frowned.
"I know THAT!"
Then she turned to the next parent and smiled widely.
I live directly across the road from the school. This lady has stood outside the school gates every day for the last four years and watched me battle my way down the steps and across the road with various combinations of children, pushchairs and other assorted paraphernalia. She knows perfectly well I don't drive to school and I know that she knows. 
I should've just taken the leaflet.


Posted by: Heather (stripy_sox)
Posted at: October 9th, 2007 09:23 am (UTC)

How weird. It's so much easier to give the kids all the leaflets to take home, that way you never have to read them as they invariable get lost or evaporate inbetween getting them and going home.

Oh and next time it rains, drive to school just to show her. Ha.

Posted by: just a jaded fool (jadedfoool)
Posted at: October 9th, 2007 09:25 am (UTC)

How the devil are you both?!

Posted by: Heather (stripy_sox)
Posted at: October 9th, 2007 10:01 pm (UTC)

Hiii! We are both v good thanks, I started back at uni yesterday and now have an official JOB, such a relief.
I was suprised to see an entry from you, I thought you'd left The Internet? Good though :)
Oh and if you haven't read it already, I have a book recommedation for you. I'll just link to it on amazon because that's easier but it's really good and had me laughing loads.


Posted by: just a jaded fool (jadedfoool)
Posted at: October 10th, 2007 12:48 pm (UTC)

No, I didn't leave the internet, although near enough for a few months... just been very busy with other things, trying to get a grip on life etc!

Thanks for the book recommendation, I might just have to buy that! Got a good
backlog of must-reads atm but that looks good so I'll bump it up the list. :D

I wish I had as much time for reading as I used to.

Glad to hear all is well with you pair, say hello to A for me. ;)

Posted by: Heather (stripy_sox)
Posted at: October 10th, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC)

Aw, you're lovely.

I will say hi to him :)

Posted by: David (kermitbantam)
Posted at: October 9th, 2007 05:05 pm (UTC)

You should have told her to think of the trees too!

How ya doing?

Posted by: just a jaded fool (jadedfoool)
Posted at: October 10th, 2007 12:52 pm (UTC)

Hey, hello!

I'm doing ok thanks, down to one kid in the mornings now so got a bit of breathing space! (Might actually get a life one of these days. Well - you never kow, it COULD happen!)

Having teen troubles at the other end of the spectrum mind, but that's another story altogether. *rolls eyes*

How are you two doing?

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